Teifi Green Guide to sustainable living

What does ‘sustainable living’ mean?

Our Western lifestyles are not sustainable; if we keep living this way and consuming so much, our environment will be so degraded and changed, it may not support human life any more.

But there are many ways that you can reduce your impact and live more lightly on the earth. Our impacts on the earth include pollution, the use of finite resources (eg plastic & oil) and waste to landfill.

In this directory you will find green businesses and services to reduce your impact in all areas of your life:

  • Starting off with food and eating out: buying local,  organic food reduces pollution from food miles, and avoids pollution of the soil with chemicals. Locally grown , or home grown food also has less plastic packaging. Plant foods generally use less resources to produce than livestock and dairy.
  • Moving on to home and housing, you can heat your home with wood, use renewable electricity, buy eco paints and secondhand furniture. Or even build your own eco home from scratch!
  • Going out: buses , bikes and electric cars all reduce air pollution. And check out all the amazing eco venues in our area.
  • New skills and knowledge/information: all sorts of courses related to green living are available locally, such as coppicing, weaving, wild food , scything and Forest Schooling for children.
  • Find out where to repair useful items such as tools.

I hope you enjoy using the Guide and finding out about all the brilliant green businesses in our area.

By Catriona Fothergill


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